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I want you to be successful

Professionally, I want you to be successful.

Personally, I want you to be happy. Success is only achieved through happiness; happiness is never achieved through success.

And happiness builds through love and passion. It has to start with the love of yourself, then the love of each other and sustains through nurturing.

But it starts with you.

It’s all you.

Think about it.

An Investment in the Portfolio of You

But what if you started to view yourself as stock portfolios or savings accounts?

Shouldn’t you be as excited and exhilarated investing in yourself, making small deposits here and there, reaping the long-term windfall of returns of your success and happiness?

It all starts with mindset

An investment in self not only yields sustainable success but more – most – importantly, it yields lasting happiness. And happiness yields success.

And the same holds true for professional you. So in everything Intelivate does, we start with mindset – your mindset – and reigniting the fire that fuels you.


I embrace your devotion. Operating from fear just creates chaos.

I strive to inspire you at the most frightening parts of your journey.

I want you to lie awake at night from the excitement of what is to come not from the fear of the unknown.


I don’t have clients; I have partners. Beginning with motivation, I develop an approach to make your vision a reality.

I tell you what you need to hear not what I think you want to hear.


Because that’s what helps me sleep at night.


I do what is right, not what is right now.

We aren’t going to accomplish anything brilliant without really pushing limits of creativity, intellect and challenge each other daily to do the same.

I know your legacy is within reach.

Getting you there is what makes me happy.

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Work and Build From Passion - Not Fear

"Working to be successful is monumentally different than working in the fear of not being successful. Be brave. Make your decisions out of the absolute excitement of possibilities, not from fear or reaction. Do the right thing, not what is right now. Always operate with your legacy in mind. But most importantly … BE HAPPY."

— Kris Fannin, Founder

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