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A three-phased business process approach ensures your operations support your organizational strategy - not work against it.

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Stop Operational Chaos

Transformation starts with vision but often fails to penetrate beyond the top layers of an organization.

With an honest view of operational reality, you’ll have the clarity to make the right decisions in the right order and at the right time.

Our process improvement approach ensures your business operations support your organizational strategy – not work against it. We’ll ensure your training and development reflect your new business process improvements.

You not only get a highly-customized business consulting solutions, we'll make sure that the three biggest components of your operations - strategy, process and training - are aligned, integrated and streamlined to support your goals.

Gain Operational Awareness and Clarity

Gain clarity of what is happening in your business operations as opposed to what is just documented.

Achieve Proactive Operations and Gain Insights

Decrease unintended consequences of changes to existing processes.

Get Development Time Back

Go to market faster while increasing quality by reducing waste, delays and increasing business process and operations efficiency.

Evolve Your Business Operations

Get your business process to work with you - not against you.

Gain confidence in your investments with processes that evolve with your business operations.

Gain Operational Clarity

Business Process Services Detail

Intelivate’s Process Mapping gives you a single-source, operational reality view of all the connections of people, business process, technology, training.

Process Mapping Challenge

Could your defined business processes work against your newly defined strategy and vision?

Is your organization operating as defined in your processes?

Your gut tells you there are gaps in business process the size of the Grand Canyon.

Process Mapping Solution

Intelivate’s Business Process Improvement Definition takes a single source baseline. We use a visual snapshot to define your people, process, and technology with all the intra-dependencies.

The team will document current process (with team engagement). We will solicit assistance from an appointed SME to inventory, document and work with Leadership to prioritize and align.

We call it the BlueBook, and it is the heart of your business operations.

During this process, we will also develop a BlueBook baseline (1.0). There are three phases to this business process improvement approach – baseline (1.0), alignment (1.5) and ideal state (2.0).

Process Mapping Value

With a renewed clarity of your business operations, you and your leaders have the data to make the right decisions in the correct order.

This BlueBook baseline version supports evolving operations ‘blueprint’ for your organization that will grow with your business change and transformation.Intelivate Business Process Transformation Solutions - Vision - Are We Ready? Kris Fannin

Intelivate’s Business Process Alignment ensures internal and external processes support your vision and are in alignment with your organizational strategy.

Process Alignment Challenge

The process mapping phase identified huge operational gaps. You must take action on these deficiencies to execute your corporate strategy.

Many organizations either don’t know where to begin or just do not have the resources to dedicate to operational alignment.

Process Alignment Solution

Intelivate’s Business Process BlueBook gives you the tools to identify and execute on all the operational gaps not aligned with your transformation goals.

We’ll identify what is holding YOU back so you can quickly and confidently start the exciting part – executing your strategy and initiative.

Clarity for Process Prioritization

Based on the BlueBook findings, we will prioritize and develop action plans to ensure alignment support. These results become your second BlueBook iteration – 1.5

During this time, we will validate workflows, defining how current process aligns with your strategy and establish operational gap alignment and prioritize for the next phase.

Process Alignment Value

Your business can now prioritize operational gaps in the business and develop a plan of approach.

Your business process improvement drives operational efficiency, effectiveness, and connection amongst all teams, partnerships, and layers of your business.

Now that you have achieved operational alignment, it’s time to make your dream a reality and begin your transformation.

intelivate business process services

Intelivate’s Process Improvement BlueBook has simple but powerful templates ensure consistency, business operational efficiency, effectiveness and connection amongst all teams, partnerships and layers of your organization.

Business Process Transformation Challenge

You’ve made some incredible changes in business process improvement. Now must keep the momentum going transform your operations to your vision.

Maintaining that momentum is not only critical, it is often incredibly difficult. You must demonstrate consistent progress in your transformation to retain confidence in your workforce.

Business Process Transformation Solution

The Business Process Improvement BlueBook is the first thing you reference every time YOU decide change should occur.

It’s your transformational barometer showing you a radar picture of where you were, how far you have come, and where you need to go.

It’s your business operations transformation tool that allows you to operate with your legacy in mind, not your competition.

Evolving Operational Norms

Each iteration will have a batch of critical processes that will fill the gaps from the previous iteration. These will be tested and refined throughout the build to your 2.0 ideal business state.

BlueBook 2.0 will reside here. New standards will evolve to your new business operation norms here.

Business Process Transformation Value

Your dream business operations made possible through the three stages of our process solutions.

You’ll finally anticipate roadblocks and constraints as opposed to reacting to operational deficiencies.

By refining your process – your customers have the same experience with your team regardless with whom they work. Your leaders measure your employees on an even playing field.

We Don’t Want You Dependent on Us

We proactively start an ongoing knowledge transfer to your critical resources, so your operations and the BlueBook view continue to be the core of your business operations and strategy.

Translate Process to Results

Your Business Process is Defined. What's Next? Prepare Your Workforce.

Your training should be a powerful, sustainable and innovative interpretation of both your strategy and process.

It’s time to prepare your workforce for your new operational strategy.

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