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Redefine Loyalty: Transform your workforce to passionate influencers of brand and spending loyalty.

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Surge Customer Loyalty & Spending

People buy from – and are loyal to – people they like. Seems simple enough.

Intelivate’s Customer Service Training takes it to the next level by building a mindset and approaches to provide an experience that promotes engagement to build spending loyalty.

Simply keeping a customer will allow you to survive – growing that customer in spending loyalty as an everyday part of your service programs will make you shine and thrive.

Transform your Customer Service & Sales from simply transactions to true opportunities.

Results of Customer Service and Sales Training

Sustainable customer spending loyalty built through Service Professionals that provide a world-class Customer and Sales experience.

  • Creative and innovative Service Professional training modules that focus specifically on mindset and skill.
  • Focus on behaviors that evolve brand loyalty to spending loyalty.
  • Complete evolution of the “transactional” Service role to one that builds spending loyalty.
  • Integrate a focus on behaviors in coaching through a skills-based program.

Transform your workforce to passionate influencers of brand and spending loyalty.

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Operational and Coaching Integration

The core of our Customer Service and Sales Training programs is C.A.T – Category, Approach, and Tactic.

C.A.T is a psychology-based method of influence that requires the sales and service professional to think like the customer.

You can not influence what you do not know, and C.A.T is the heart of an agent’s knowledge and influence.

The C.A.T model becomes the core, guiding principle of business operations and provides a number of operational lifts.

Already have a service or coaching model? We will incorporate the key concepts into your existing ones.

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