Career Coaching

It's time to amplify your career development. Backed by 20,000 careers, our career coaching and counseling provide a powerful perspective that brings results.

Intelivate career tests strategic staffing Find a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Career Coaching Services for All Stages of Your Journey

“I have no idea where to start or go next in my career.”

Intelivate’s career counseling services provide you so much more than just career advice. We’ve seen it all in the job market and in life.

The career coaching process is designed to give you clarity to power your career and life to a place beyond your wildest dreams.

Career Launch

If you are in college or new to the job market, our career coaching will give you the competitive edge in launching your career.

Career Growth

Feeling stuck in the current market or career path? Intelivate’s career counseling approach refuels that passion for your next move.

Career Change

Thinking you might want to completely change careers? It’s both an exhilarating and frightening thought. Start your change with confidence and a plan.

Career Transition & Search

Searching for your next career move and need an end-to-end strategy to get you there? Our career coaching will define your plan and be with you at every stage of the journey.

We’ll help answer the question to:

What is my career path?

Experience that brings perspective

We’ve consulted with hundreds of companies to transform the workforce. That experience brings a powerfully unique perspective.

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forgive and forget - forgiveness quotes lessons Happiness and success begin at the moment you shift more weight to being considerate of others and less to others' considerations of you kris fannin intelivate success

Be Empowered in Your Career

Much more than career advice, our job coaching & career counseling move you to self-awareness, accountability and a plan of action.

Awareness - Start Change

Through a series of career counseling exercises, you’ll grow to a level of self-awareness you never thought possible. In the beginning, you may feel the need to change, but you’ll end it with the motivation to change.

Accountability - The Gift of You

Building off your self-awareness, our career coaching services build accountability to yourself. Your passion and our partnership the results you gain are sustainable. We don’t want you dependent on us.

Action - Get Moving

Whether it’s getting you exposure or building confidence that leads to tangible skills, Intelivate’s career counseling is results-focused. How do it ultimately depends on where you’re at and your goals.

Career Strategy Insights

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``Work to be successful; not in the fear of being unsuccessful.``

-Kris Fannin

kris fannin career coach business consultant founder ceo intelivate career coach branding expert leadership development
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kris fannin career coach business consultant founder ceo intelivate career coach branding expert leadership development