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Develop powerful influencers of payment loyalty.


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Collections Training That Builds Payment Loyalty

A (re-)focus on relationships and an individualized, humanized approach to collections foster an enduring – and profitable – payment loyalty.

The most successful collection is not a transactional negotiation but rather an opportunity to further promote sustainable revenue and customer engagement, laying the foundation to (re-)focus on spending loyalty.

By building mindset and approaches to further promote your service professional goals, your collections professionals provide an experience that promotes engagement and potential spending loyalty.

Link Collections to SPENDING Loyalty

Our Collections training goes the next level with strategies to promote your Service professional goals – provide an experience that promotes engagement and potential spending loyalty. Increase dollars collected and increasing potential revenue? Yes!

Collections professionals who focus first on building payment loyalty while attuned to future spending loyalty.

Collections Training That Integrates Into Operations

The core of our Collection Training program is C.A.T – Category, Approach, and Tactic.

C.A.T is a psychology-based method of influence that requires the sales and service professional to think like the customer. You can not influence what you do not know, and C.A.T is the center of an agent’s knowledge and power.

The C.A.T model becomes the core, guiding principle of business operations and provides a number of operational lifts.

CAT Collections Training Tool Benefits:

  • Coaching Tool & Guide
  • Performance Measurement
  • Operational Consistency
  • Collections Experience Consistency
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Customized Collections Training

Think without limits.

We know that your collections training must be customized to make the right impacts on your operations and culture.

Everything from module selection, order, content and training delivery can be strategically tailored to meet your training business objectives.

Link Performance Metrics (KPIs) to Your Collections Training

Integrated focus on performance behaviors and linking to leadership coaching through a skills-based collections training program.

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