Why use a consultant?

The most common reasons to use a consultant include:

  • Filling short-term staffing needs
  • Filling interim roles until  permanent staff is placed
  • Assignments that require highly-specialized knowledge and experience
  • Staffing for projects that are outside the core of your business offerings
  • To meet requirements for audits, assessments, and surveys
  • Buying products and services that are already developed and proven to meet business needs

How does consulting add value?

By the nature of the consulting profession, the average consultant works in more organizations and industries than other professions in the span of a career. 

Consultants provide experience, knowledge, and perspective that is difficult to find in resources in other professions.

When should I consider using a consultant?

If the project is outside of your core business offering, it usually makes financial sense to outsource to a consultant or consulting firm. Using consultants can reduce the development, implementation and execution time and lower costs.

Also, any project or initiative, even if it is your core business offering, that requires specialized knowledge and experience, you should consider using consultants.

We don’t want to become dependent on a consulting firm. How does Intelivate keep that from happening?

As much as we love our clients, we don’t want you dependent on us either!

In every consulting engagement, we work with your subject matter experts as an ongoing knowledge transfer. This makes our transition out of your business smooth and also keeps costs down over the course of the project.

Although the consulting profession can have a reputation of building dependency and billing recurring fees, Intelivate does consulting differently.

We believe we have failed if you become dependent on us once you’ve achieved defined milestones.

Our clients keep bringing us back, but for new career and business challenges – not to continue to support challenges we’ve solved.

In what consulting areas does Intelivate focus?

Intelivate specializes in a wide-range of consulting services. These include:

Depending on your goals, we leverage many components across all of our consulting services to customize the perfect solution for your business or career.

What types of problems does Intelivate solve?

Because of our broad offerings and extensive experience, Intelivate has solved for countless organizational and career challenges. There are just too many to list here, but some of the most common are:

Organizational Challenges & Solutions

Team Leadership Challenges & Solutions

  • Identifying and assessing current leadership gaps, challenges and performance issues
  • Leadership and organizational perceptions issues
  • Team norms and operational procedures
  • Team performance challenges
  • Team dynamics and trust challenges
  • Team meeting facilitation
  • Team builders and organizing new teams
  • Coaching and leadership development
  • Evaluating, mapping and developing team performance goals, KPIs, and reviews
  • Interim leadership staffing assignments
  • Executive coaching and small-group leadership sessions
  • Project and team kick-off sessions
  • Team collaboration and cross-functional utilization
  • Team planning and transition programs
  • Career progression programs
  • High-potential leadership programs
  • Leadership rotational programs

Training Challenges & Solutions

Career Challenges & Solutions

Digital Marketing Challenges & Solutions

This is just a sample of the challenges and solutions that we have solved for in the past.

Not seeing your business or career challenge on the list? Let us know as we’ve likely solved for it in the past or know who can help you.

Do you offer free consultations?

Absolutely. It’s the first step in getting to the core of your challenges and to determine if we are the right consultants to get you to your goals. Contact us to schedule your consultation.