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Boundary Adverse

Experience that brings perspective

Never content with status quo (see: has a Midwestern accent but grew up in the south) and boundary averse (see also: added aftermarket Flintstone floorboard holes to a playpen to take himself for a walk), Kris stumbled upon a passion for training.

Kris Fannin is a passionate change agent in workforce transformation. For more than 25 years, he’s had the privilege of partnering with dozens of client organizations and leading hundreds of teams to become powerful influencers.

Both transformative and empathetic, Kris joins your vision with an approach that will transform roadblocks into results.

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Early Indications of Kris' Passion

While most of his friends wanted bicycles and footballs, Kris was begging for a desk and cash register. He loved to play “school”, and he had to be the teacher (no surprise there).
His key phrase early on was,

You’re not the boss of me!

Kris laughs to himself thinking of how weird that sounds, and is amazed that he turned his playtime focus as a kid into a passionate profession.

If Kris summed all that up and accounted for all the life and adventure variables since – to apply some mathematical or even logical equation to where he is now – nothing would equate, much less make sense.

But it all makes brilliant sense.

"Your legacy will be defined by the passion and impact of the people you influence. What do you want your legacy to be?"

— Kris Fannin

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Out of college, Kris moved across the country to begin his career as an IT consultant for an absolutely amazing and thriving company – AMS (Now CGI).

The lessons he learned there through his experiences, relationships and the mistakes he made still carry on in how he operates today. But that’s technology focused, so that can’t be how Kris arrived here.

Having to be a last-minute replacement to teach a 4-day systems class, Kris learned that he absolutely loved training. He writes about how he found his passion through his fear.

But then he saw a shiny bubble.

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Bubbles in the right light are beautiful and playfully fun.

If you ever popped one in your mouth, you know the taste isn’t great.

Kris ran to the bubble called “technology and”


Seriously – he probably had shin splints by the time he ran from his stable role to a start-up that sprung a little less than two months before. He will never forget the overnight package that included his contract with all the investment shares that were part of his agreement.

It grew very fast and was sold.

Kris learned not only that he did this for the wrong reason – money – but that rapid growth without solid vision and leaders result in …eh.

Four of them decided to branch and do their own thing – in technology.

It still doesn’t add up.

Kris still remembers his practical side thinking,

“Why am I doing this?”

His real side always said,

“Because it’s going to be good!”.

While at a technology company, Kris developed, grew and delivered a soft-skill training. Strange as it sounds, it complimented their technology offerings.

It was successful – and caused conflict in focus.

Kris loved it – and wanted to explore all the possibilities.  But this was a technology company.

What he learned is that a focus on your genuine core passion is necessary – and can cause conflict if it doesn’t align with your core role.

So what happened?


Intelivate Kris Fannin Career Strategy First Review

With passion as a business consultant and career coach, Kris was inspired to create Intelivate – a company focused solely on career and business transformation through strategy, business process and training.

Kris has partnered with dozens of client organizations across numerous industries and has had the privilege of leading hundreds of teams to realize their legacy.


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