Social Media Management Outsourcing

Amplify your brand and market reach.

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“Why Do I Need to Invest in Social Media?”

It’s not longer a question of if to leverage social media to build your brand, business, and career – it’s HOW you do it to stand out from the rest.

Intelivate’s social media management outsourcing and strategy development will establish and integrate a social media strategy into your overall digital strategy.

  • Amplify your brand and message
  • Humanize your products
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Lower customer acquisition and retention costs

Why Social Media Outsourcing?

If social media is not a core of your business, then don’t waste precious resources and talent trying to figure it out and manage it.

Leverage our proven success in social media to develop and manage the perfect social media strategy for you.

Social media may not be the core of your business and career, but it’s a critical core to your business and career brand.

Social Media Management & Outsourcing Components

Social media gets you in front of millions of eyes.

The eyes of potential customers.


Develop Your Social Media Strategy

It’s tempting to dive in and start all of the social media platforms available. With so many options in social media these days, there is a lot of noise.

We’ll cut through the noise and develop a strategy that builds your brand, reputation, business, and career.

Build Your Social Media Presence

With dozens of social media platforms out there, which one is right to build your brand, business, and career?

We’ll partner with you to determine the ideal platforms and strategy based on your digital strategy targets.

The audience and engagement of each social media platform are like attending a different party. Which party will suit your brand, career, and voice the best?

We’ll determine that with data and experience.

Build Your Brand With Social Media Strategy

Intelivate will research your target audience and build an ongoing social media strategy to find them and engage them.

A robust social media management strategy is like building any other relationship. There are phases to get to a commitment.

Our social media management outsourcing allows your to build your business while we build your brand, awareness, and engagement with your target audience.

Integrate Social Media Into Your Digital Strategy

We’ll integrate your social media management strategy with your overall digital strategy. It’s imperative that all parts of your digital strategy and properties are working together, rather than a silo.


Social media is quickly overlapping and integrating with traditional search. The most efficient strategy is complete integration to ensure that all parts are working together.

You’ll get a social media management outsourcing strategy that works for your business, branding and career goals.

Build Brand Advocacy

Is part of your social media goal to get your senior executives and most influential employees involved in your digital and social media strategy?

We’ll help you identify the best approach, people and social media management strategy to get your entire business and advocates working for you to promote and convert valuable customers.

Social Listening & Brand Monitoring

What are people saying about your people, business or brand? Guess what? Most of it happens OUTSIDE of your social media and digital properties.

Using state of the art tools and strategy, we’ll monitor your brand for opportunities for engagement and to potentially convert that one ‘mention’ into a life-long customer.


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