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Intelivate’s Influence and Soft Skills Training has one goal: To develop powerful influencers regardless of role.

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Skyrocketing Soft Skills Training Costs? We Can Help.

Each role needs the ability to influence – shareholders, teams, colleagues, and customers in all parts of the life cycle.

Participants leave these soft skills training classes with different terminology, approaches, and abilities. Soft Skills training give you one program for all functions and departments.

Virtually Unlimited Audiences

Sample training programs built from Intelivate’s soft skills training modules:

  • Customer Service & Experience Training
  • Sales & Retail Training
  • Technical Support Training
  • New Leadership & Supervisor Training
  • Collections & Recovery Training
  • Contract & Vendor Management Training
  • Senior Leadership & Executive Training
  • Bargaining & Negotiations Training
  • Insurance Sales & Verification Training
  • Employee Relations Training
  • Telesales & Marketing Training
  • Customer Relations & Escalations Training

Intelivate helps you select the Influence and Soft Skills training modules to meet your needs. We then strategically order them based on training goals.

Targeted training also includes customizing the content, application exercises and program evaluation to support your goals.

We seamlessly integrate everything into your existing training programs.

We’ll develop reinforcement and refresher content and activities. This optimized content reinforces both practical application and ongoing coaching of your soft skills training.

Not one size fits all, and this is particularly the case with training.

Based on collective decades of experience and data, Intelivate determines what segments of your team should go through which training ‘tracks’ and for how long.

We organize your Influence and Soft Skills Training tracks on factors such as performance, goals, and post-training support.

Depending on the timing and breadth of audience, your training resources might be limited.

Intelivate partners with you for the initial delivery of your new soft skills training program and then transition it to your internal trainers. Our Job Training Delivery solutions are an excellent complement to launching a new strategic program.

Alternatively, we can prepare your trainers through train-the-trainer or coaching sessions for an internal delivery approach.

Intelivate engages your trainers during the customization phase, so they live and breath the training concepts, content, and delivery strategies.

Every Intelivate client is unique, and we have options to customize the format and delivery of your training.

Training format options also include conversion to electronic formats and LMS-compliant material formats and delivery.

Depending on the goals and objectives, we have found the most effective approach is delivering your Soft Skills Training program in micro or interval training formats.

Participants have a direct, positive impact on operations while simultaneously learning new concepts and developing strategies to impact the business.

Operational lifts during training?


  • Reduce Operational Costs
  • Increase Training ROI
  • Reduce Scheduling Costs
  • Volume Discounting Cost Reduction
  • Adjust to Business Demand and Culture Shifts
  • Vendor Management and Process Cost Reduction

Virtually Unlimited Soft Skills Training Customization Options

Everything from module selection, order, content, and training delivery is customized to meet your soft skills training program business objectives.

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