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Intelivate's training consulting and programs integrate your business operations & processes, so your vision is connected to frontline results.

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People First Training Consulting Approach

We know that healthy and successful organizations are built on a strong foundation and a sustainable culture.

Your strategy must start with your people, and that’s why we do training consulting differently.


A mindset focus is necessary for significant and sustainable performance change.


Our approach to training is nonlinear and multidimensional.


Modules are linked to metrics and delivered based on performance.

Training That Builds Business Intelligence

Training Consulting & Design Services

“Could our job training programs be working against our business objectives?”

Intelivate will conduct a deep analysis at your current content, job training program(s) and structure to determine if they:

  • Integrate with your business operations & strategy
  • Need fine-tuning to give you an additional lift
  • Lack specific training needs that you may not have identified

Intelivate identifies skill-set and training content gaps based on the business direction and your organizational strategy.

We develop a plan for your workforce to get you from the present state to dream-state with a training strategy built just for you.

This analysis the first step in developing a customized solution for your overall training strategy.

Develop Your Training

Intelivate’s Training Design and Development evolve your existing programs to develop powerful, sustainable and innovative influencers who drive remarkable results.

We can use your existing content as a baseline, leverage our existing job training programs or create an entirely new program specifically for your business needs.

Certification Program Development & Optimization

Develop or modify internal job training certification programs.

Training Program Development & Optimization

Develop and integrate internal career progression, leadership, new hire or similar training programs.

Training Module Development & Optimization

Modify one or more of your existing job training modules.

Training Integration & Customization

Develop, integrate or modify entire customized training programs.

Optimize & Integrate Your Training Programs

“Can we do much more with much less with our job training programs?”

Training design, content and program integration are like solving a complicated puzzle.

You have to first build the pieces of your job training program with each part in mind, and then position the pieces to work efficiently with one another.

Intelivate has developed and integrated entire enterprise job training programs, mixing in soft skills, technology, and business process seamlessly.

Imagine learning a soft skill at the most relevant and useful point of learning a system function.

Do More with Less

Could you achieve better results with less training and classroom time? Most of the time the answer is YES!

Training Integration

Are parts of your training programs and content contradicting one another or lacking in the actual business process?

Training Program and Content Alignment

Do your job training program modules and content reinforce and support one another, especially in terminology and approach?

Vision and Values Integration

Are your core values and goals reinforced in your job training programs and content, regardless of the topic and training module goal?

“Could our training talent be developed beyond facilitators and become leaders of the business?”

Let Intelivate help improve your current training staff, develop some of your new talent, or transition work we are doing to your internal trainers.

Much like leadership and executive coaching, we establish a similar program for individual trainers or your entire team.

This ranges from initial facilitation and training development assessments to complete trainer and facilitation development programs.

Whatever your trainer, facilitator or development needs are, we can customize a solution that is perfect for you and your training team.

“Could we save money and grow training ROI by outsourcing our short-term job training demands?”

Intelivate’s Outsourcing Training Strategy is a perfect solution for clients that have short-term or intermittent job training needs.

Many organizations find themselves overstaffed in trainers because they staffed to fill an immediate need for workforce development.

Unexpected Training Demand

Assist in short-term staffing gaps, including facilitation.

Reduce Training Costs

Avoid overstaffing for intermittent needs.

Training Team Enhancement

Complement existing resources in training needs.

Transformation changes team dynamics. Let Intelivate build a program to help your team move to a higher performance level.

We can facilitate meetings (onsight, remotely or give you everything you need to do it yourself) with your team to determine and draft goals, results, and agreements as well as identify and help resolve overall team issues.


Team builders and meeting facilitations are excellent ways to jump-start a new initiative, gain the confidence that you have an executable plan, and have the right resources focused on the right priorities.

Will a Team Builder Achieve Results?

We’ll let you know if a team builder is the best way to achieve your defined goals.

Why reinvent the training wheel?

Save your budget and increase your training ROI

Intelivate’s job training programs are fully customizable to your goals. Each program seamlessly integrates into any of our business consulting solutions.

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