When presented with a new opportunity or career change, we ask ourselves: “What if I fail?” Use your mind power for a new perspective by changing the question.

When I start working with a person to build their career or business, one of the first things I will assess is the opportunity of fear. What do I mean by that?

Understanding what and why you fear something when given new opportunity, often reveals areas you wish to pursue but don’t have the confidence to go forward.

As I revealed in the past, fear led me to my career path and to build a business out of it. Leveraging fear with new opportunity is a powerful approach to discovering new career and life paths. It requires your mind power to lend you a new perspective.

mind power new opportunity kris fannin intelivate quote
Use your mind power to gain a new perspective when approaching any new opportunity.

Inspiration occurs when you witness, experience or accomplish something that you never thought possible. Many times that means accomplishing something that you initially fear. As you have learned, eventually it becomes simple to you, but never easy. That is when YOU begin that amazing process of inspiring others.

All too often in work – just as in life – when presented with a new opportunity, relationship or career change, we ask ourselves:

What if I fail?

What if I can’t do it?

What if I’m not successful?

What if I’m not happy?

Change the Questions for a New Perspective

When a new opportunity knocks at your door – whether you were looking for it or not or whether you wanted it or not – ask yourself instead:

What if I kick $ss and take names?

What if I actually redefine how it’s done?

What if I’m wildly successful?

What if this makes me blissfully happy?

It’s a mind power that causes an entirely different way of thinking. That will not only result in a better feeling of change and new opportunity – but also likely a much better outcome in the decision.


Because you are approaching it with a sense of positive outcome instead of reserved by the fear of a negative outcome. The difference is monumental and means you’ll be more prepared to fully immerse yourself in all the possibilities of your new opportunities.

So the next time you are presented with change, turn those questions in your mind around to gain a new perspective – and hopefully an incredible world of possibilities and opportunity. Remember – we’ll always encounter those pesky obstacles in life – it’s just about approaching the solution differently.

mind power new opportunity kris fannin intelivate quote work for success
Don’t ask yourself, “What if I fail?” Ask yourself, “What if I am wildly successful?” when presented with a new opportunity. It will not only change your perspective, it will likely change the outcome.


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