You’ve just dropped your job application into the black abyss of a resume portal. What do you do after you hit submit? Get social and find your competition.

The days of hitting submit for a job application and being done are  – well – done. Why? There is more competition and more platforms to create buzz and chatter. You want to make sure there is a buzz around you and it’s good.

The video above gives you a quick 40-second tip on what you should do after submitting a job application. The transcript is below as well as a couple of different points of advice as to whom to start social engagement.

As I wrote previously, there are some big trends in hiring and the job search process. One of those trends is an increased use of social engagement.

Job Application Season is Ramping Up

We are in the heat of the ramp-up of the job search and recruiting season. Here are a couple of quick tips for you.

Even if you submit your job application online through a job portal or a company portal, I still want you to take that position and search for it in social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Because I want you to start conversations with those posts. It gets the attention of the hiring manager, recruiter and/or HR. If someone is on social media, they welcome the engagement. Just don’t go too strong too quickly. Social engagement is like any lasting relationship – it’s a marathon, not a race.

Start Social Engagement After You Hit Submit

Here’s another tip.

Anyone else who is liking, retweeting or talking about that position online is probably your competition.

Check them up, size them up, and make sure you compete.

Yes, I want you to engage with your competition during the job application process.

Who to Connect With and How to Use Social Engagement

There are countless ways to build a social engagement strategy after you submit your job application. I’ll focus on the general approach here. If you have any questions around your specific situation, feel free to contact me here, on Twitter or Facebook.

The Brand

Follow the brands that you submit or will submit a job application. Social engagement is most effective when proactive, so start a list of your favorite companies and connect with them on your active social media platforms.

  • Start liking and sharing their content on a regular basis.
  • Most social platforms have the ability to make ‘lists.’ Include these brands in a list for quick sorting of their content and messages.
  • Most companies will promote job openings on social media. Like it, share it and watch who else does the same. Start social engagement with the brand with a short reply to their post.
    • Multiple posts of the same position occur. Don’t engage with all of them (remember, don’t come across too strong), but observe who else is engaging with the post. These people are likely your competition.
  • Do research on social media. Look for people that work for the company – even the department – and pay attention to what they talk about online. You can learn so much about the company and potential colleagues through some good, old-fashioned cyber-stalking.
  • Stay consistent. Power shifts and unexpected hiring can happen at any time. If a brand is familiar with you, they are more likely to engage with you in the job application process.
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The Brands Competition

Follow the same approach for brand competition. It’s a way to network, gain impressions (get your face and name in front of the brand) and a great way to be one of the first to learn of new positions.

Potential Job Application Competition

As you did with brands, start following and connecting with people who might be your competition in the job application process. Sounds weird, but it’s a great way to gauge your competitiveness, improve your profiles and branding as well as a fantastic networking opportunity.

Follow the brands they follow. Watch what they are liking and sharing. Why? You can quickly find job openings that you didn’t even know existed.

Don’t be shy to reply to a post or start social engagement on platforms. Even if they beat you to that dream job, they can become a powerful and lifetime connection.

The next time you hit submit on that job application, start getting social with brands, their competitors, your potential future colleagues and your competition. It goes against the grain of logic, but that’s what will set you apart from the millions of others in the job market.

Good luck in the journey and let me know if you have any questions!

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