What problems do Intelivate’s training programs typically solve?

Our employee training and development programs are designed to be flexible, targeted and modular to solve for countless challenges.

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How much customization do I receive with a training program?

As much or as little customization as you need. We can develop all of the customizations based on your training needs analysis.

If you have the internal resources to develop the customizations, we provide you the raw content and your internal training team can make the customizations.

If customizations are developed internally, we will provide you with recommendations based on our experience with thousands of training program implementations.

How can we reduce training program customization and development costs?

Rest assured that most of your training content needs are included with each program module. However, there are times that customization and integration are necessary, especially for application exercises.

To reduce training customization and development costs and time, we often recommend a collaborative approach with your instructional designers.

How does a collaborative training development approach work?

Intelivate will organize, develop and do the initial customizations based on the goals and needs of the organization and leveraging our existing training content.

Deeper customization, including exercise and reinforcement positioning, will be conducted by SMEs in your organization.

We’ll establish your teams in our project organization and internal communication tools for effective collaboration during the training development process.

This greatly reduces development time and cost while increasing quality and flexibility of delivery.

Do I own the training program or is it just licensed?

We keep our training program purchase model simple and cost-effective. There are no recurring licensing fees (did we just hear you cheer?)

You will have unlimited access and ability to modify original material as expressed in our IP Agreement with certain restrictions, including prohibiting any organization from reselling the content.

Do I need to purchase all of the modules for a training program?

No. We’ll help you pick specific training modules based on your goals.

We can also work with you to determine module order, integration, and strategy for your new training program implementation.

For more information see:

Training Design, Development and Consulting


FAQs for Training Design, Development and Consulting.

Can each training module be facilitated independently?

Yes. We designed each training module to function independently.

Alternatively, each module can be easily integrated with your existing or other Intelivate modules for a comprehensive training program.

What is the facilitation time for each training module?

Each training module is typically 60-90 minutes of facilitation time.

How do you develop and launch a training program?

There are three approaches we typically take with the launch of a new training program:

  1. We handle the training development and launch from beginning to end and then do a knowledge transfer to your internal trainers.
  2. We build a development and implementation plan and your internal training team executes on the plan.
  3. Your resources build and execute the training development and implementation plan. Of course, we are there for guidance along the way if needed.

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What is your process for developing and implementing a training program?

Training Design, Development and Consulting FAQs.

What is included with each training module?

  • Participant Guide: Each module will include a participant guide to for reference and application exercises.
  • Facilitator Guide: Each module will include a facilitator guide to lead discussions, activities, and assignments.

For our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development modules, we typically also include:

Introduction/Pre-Work: To keep the modules short, any reading or self-assessments that can be done outside of the session, should be completed before.

This could include short video introductions, reading assignments and/or staff assessments, including leadership style questionnaires.

Any pre-work that is assigned should be limited to no longer than 30-45 minutes.

Post-Module Application Exercise: Each module will include an assignment that both works towards accomplishing current business initiatives as well as allowing the participants to demonstrate a working knowledge of the module content.

These applications should be a mix of individual and collaborative.

If you are doing most of the customization, we can provide you templates and guidance on developing the Leadership Training pre-work and post-module application exercises.

Is a coaching model included with a training program?

Because of your ability to select modules and customize each, we do not usually include a coaching model.

However, we normally recommend a coaching model with any training program.

Depending on the level of customization, we can include the development and integration of our coaching models with your final training program.

Why use a coaching model?

Imperative to any training program, reinforcement and application must occur on the job for maximum training ROI.

A coaching model not only reinforces the training program, it links training concepts to specific key performance indicators for continuous growth and improvement.

What is the best way to implement a leadership development program?

We have found that the best way to implement a leadership development program is using a phased and incremental approach.

Program modules designed for 60-90 minutes in length and phased approximately one-two weeks apart. This allows for maximum retention and a period of time to functionally apply what is learned to current business initiatives.

This method keeps your leadership in the business while applying what they learn in building the business. This approach helps you realize greater and faster ROI for your leadership development program.

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