Too many people are doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons – especially with their career track.

When I was asked this question it got me to thinking how short life is and how much of it involves our career track. Here’s my advice for making both great!

I’m often asked by those building a new career track,

“Where do I start? How do I build a solid career path?”

My answer?

Start with what makes you happy.

Keeping things pretty simple, I have three operating ‘lessons’ that I wish I had known very early on in my career – Passion, Partnership, Possibility.

build career path with passion partnership and possibiliy
When building your career track, focus on the 3 P’s – passion, partnership, and possibility.

1. Passion

Focus on what you are passionate about and power your day, life, profession – whatever it is – with that passion. That’s not possible all the time and every day. That’s life and responsibility. Become mostly focused on that passion.

Your lack of sleep shouldn’t occur from the fear of the unknown, but rather from the excitement of what’s to come!

A focus on passion lets you build a life of empowerment and become powerful.

Living your life to be happy is monumentally different than living your life in the fear of not being happy.

Be brave. It will build your confidence and impact – that build innovation.

Make your decisions out of the sheer excitement of possibilities – not from fear. Work on your fear of imperfection if it’s holding you back in your career and life.

Do the right thing – not what is right now. Operate each minute with your legacy in mind.

2. Partnership

Do what’s right. Not what is right now.

As you build your career track, surround yourself with people who will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Commit to the same – especially to yourself.

It’s impossible to be confident in being honest with others until you become confident in being frank with yourself. That honesty is the only way to find your career path.

Develop a great partnership with yourself and don’t act on everything at the moment. Take a moment, breath, and look ahead past that ‘moment.’

That keeps your ‘operation,’ relationships, partnerships and YOU sustainable. It also avoids building a life and career track full of reactionary chaos.

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Because you cannot and should not be good at everything, surround yourself with opposites to compensate for your deficits in building your career track. For example, I am very high-level and hate the details. I can do the details, but it takes me longer than someone who loves them.

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Therefore, I make sure I have some colleagues around me who LOVE what I am not great at doing.

3. Possibility

Operate with your legacy definition in mind – not your competition while you build your career track.

I’m a businessman, so I’m not naive.

Be aware of the competition, but don’t react to everything your competition does – you’ll just become your competition. That’s boring.

This comes back to knowing yourself, your passion and staying as true to that as possible.

It’s what will make you unique.

It’s what will allow you to be the ‘first’ to do something.

It’s what will inspire others, yourself and that’s an innovation of happiness.

This makes you that ‘you.’ That ‘you’ that is so unique, so proud, so innovative, and so happy. And pretty damn cool too.

I describe these strategies as simple, not easy. Easy is lazy. Simple is hard. These simple life strategies can move you far in your career as well.

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Insider Tip to Business Leaders

To all the organizational leaders out there – come very close now, and I’ll let you into a little secret.

The exact same operational fundamentals bring a wealth of happiness and success to business and the workforce as well – espcially during stages of change mangement.


As you create your new career plan, new team strategy or your building a path to owning your own business, just remember the three simple – not easy – principles for success: passion, partnership, and possibility.

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