What problems do Intelivate’s strategy solutions typically solve?

Our organizational strategy and B2B consulting solutions are designed to be flexible, targeted and modular to solve for countless challenges.

See “What types of problems does Intelivate solve?”

Why is organizational strategy important?

Your organizational strategy is critical for not only defining how your business will operate but also what kind of corporate environment you want to have.

More than just a credo, this vision becomes a tangible, measurable, and executable plan that’s aligned with meaningful key performance indicators.

Your vision and strategy become the definition for defining, aligning and evolving your business process, training, workforce and operations.

Why use a consultant for strategic planning?

Intelivate’s experience brings a wealth of perspective. We’ve been there and done it – a lot (dozens of businesses of all sizes across numerous industries). We can guide you towards what works and what risks to mitigate before they become obstacles.

This strategic planning process also involves making difficult decisions and planning for them.

Having an objective, outside resource is extremely beneficial to keep you on a realistic and successful track.

We’ll always tell you what you need to hear, as opposed to what we think you want to hear. That’s our promise.

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Do you do staff and employee surveys?

Yes. We can develop, distribute, analyze, and provide comprehensive reporting for any type of employee survey.

We can do a single survey campaign or partner with you for ongoing employee surveys to build the quantity and quality of data to empower powerful, confident decisions.

What types of staff and employee surveys do you recommend?

The type of survey, design, and distribution depends on both the intended audience and your business goals.

We typically group employee surveys in four categories:

Employee Engagement & Confidence Survey

Targeted to assess overall leadership opportunities, trends, perceptions, and behaviors. 

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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Targeted to assess overall job satisfaction and corporate environment and culture trends.

Operational Support & Consistency Survey

Targeted to assess process and technology gaps, inconsistencies and overall alignment.

Training and Development Needs Survey

Targeted to assess self-assessed developmental opportunities across your organization.

Although each survey targets different areas, the data can be concatenated to further identify overall organizational trends.

Regardless of the type of employee survey, we customize it to your audience and goal targets.

How do you conduct employee surveys?

Although customized for your audience and goals, our approach to employee surveys includes:

  • Design and functionality to increase engagement. In some cases, this may include images or examples for clarification and guidance.
  • Targeted questions based on survey goals.
  • Distribution and data gathering.
  • No more than 10-15 questions per survey to increase data integrity and reliability.
  • Data analysis per survey segment.
  • Overall data analysis. This will also include ‘tag’ analysis to identify keywords and terms across the data.
  • Executive summary.
  • Overall communications plan for each survey. This plan will include the message goal, who should deliver the message, how it should be delivered and when it should be delivered.

How should we communicate our organizational strategy?

The vision and strategy don’t mean much if nobody else shares it. So we work with you to promote the vision within your organization and ensure that everyone is aligned and connected.

Learn more about how we’ve helped clients communicate their organizational strategy.

How do you extract my vision and turn it into strategy?

We have a number of ways of defining your vision and then converting it into a thorough strategy and plan.

Executive leaders love this part of our consulting process. They indicate that the definition process not only impacted the business, but their professional and personal definitions.

You can read more about the three components of our organizational strategy solution here:

How do you evaluate organizational strategy?

Through the definition phase, we’ll work with you to define key team performance indicators to evaluate both the progress and impacts of your newly defined organizational strategy.

These KPIs vary based on business and project goals and also change as your organization evolves.

What is the difference between business transformation and change management?

Organizational change is assessing the past, comparing it to the present and determining the ideal future state from the current business state. Success measurement of change is how much better the future state is from the current state.

Transformation is redefining what something is (the current state). It begins by first assessing the present to the desired future. Success measurement of transformation is how much different the future state is from the current state based on the initial vision and organizational strategy definition.

Learn more about the differences between business transformation and change and how we will help evaluate which you need and how to organize each.

Will I need all parts of your organizational strategy solution for it to be effective?

Not necessarily. Factors that influence what parts of Intelivate’s strategy solution make sense for you include:

  • Maturity of your organization
  • Your business, operations and process management goals
  • Timelines to reach your defined business goals
  • Any current strategy definition or analysis that you currently have
  • Size of your organization
  • Current business challenges
  • Future major business changes or acquisitions
  • Recent major business changes or acquisitions

During the consultation phase, we’ll make recommendations as to the best approach for your organizational strategy.

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